WhatsApp Marketing Software

What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Newly Launch Express Sender is our WhatsApp Marketing Software by Ads Digital. It is bulk WhatsApp messaging software that allows our paid users to automatically send WhatsApp bulk messages to 1000s of their customers in just 1 click without saving their phone numbers.
Express Sender is one of the most advanced user-friendly WhatsApp marketing software in the markets that allows you to send bulk messages through WhatsApp in bulk with attached images pdf documents & links, with the help of bulk WhatsApp marketing software to your potential clients.

WhatsApp Marketing Software doesn’t support sending unsolicited messages. So it is wise to use WhatsApp Marketing Software to reach out to your targeted audience. A tool like Express Sender allows business owners to communicate with their all customers easily and is very cost-effective.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Pricing starts @ just ₹ 999. This gives you guarantees that the Return on Tools you are Invested in is achieved in a month. So Use our product to see all the functionalities.

Take your Business to the next level of marketing by using the benefits offered by our Bulk WhatsApp marketing software. Every business owner understands the importance of business development & WhatsApp marketing software can give you an extra edge with growing Your sales. Social media platforms are one of the best mediums to spread you information now days, and to stay progressing against the opposition, it is important to make use of the latest marketing tools
to Grow your Business. Here are the top benefits of using our WhatsApp marketing software:

  • Client Commitment: Client commitment gets updated and developed as the Software makes it possible to reach a broad audience.
  • Label Positioning: You grow your client base, which suggests you further enhance your label’s position in the business as now your output is more noticeable & improved.
  • CRM Management: Maintaining client connections for building your brand more customer-friendly is crucial for increasing you business sales.
  • Team Growth: Use the floor for constructing a reliable team that is appealing, interactive, and constantly coming up with unique ideas for your growth.
  • Tracking Area: Yield the area of your company to let clients/buyers reach the target in best hassle-free way. The more comfortable way it is for the clients to contact you, the greater marketing & sales potential.
  • Analytics: Analytics is always essential to recognize whether or not a consumer or buyer has read a piece of your demanding information.

How WhatsApp Marketing Tool Works?

WhatsApp Marketing Software

Import Phone Numbers

Import numbers from any of your existing file such as Excel. You can even copy-paste numbers.

WhatsApp Marketing Software

Create Message

Type your attractive message in the message box which you want to send to your Customer .

WhatsApp Marketing Software

Send Message

Click on “Send Now” to “Send WhatsApp messages in bulk” to the numbers your selected.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Features

Send 1000’s Of Messages

Thinking about how to send 1000’s of WhatsApp messages to your customers  Blast WhatsApp messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book with a click.

Custom Messages

Send custom messages with greetings such as customer’s name. Our New & latest importing functionality provides upto 5 custom fields for you to send customized messages.

Import Multiple Contacts

Import your contact details from Excel, Csv, Txt files or by copying and pasting.

Advanced Features

Grab Contacts from WhatsApp Contact & Groups, Sending Images, Scheduled Sending & Numbers Filter.

Supports All Multimedia Formats

send your messages in any format such as text, images, PDF & documents files.

Windows Support

OS Supported: Windows7/8/10/11 (32 & 64 bit).

Details Of Whatsapp Marketing Software, Bulk Whatsapp Sender App

It is the best time to improve your marketing strategy by using this WhatsApp bulk message sender android app. This application is not an automated tool. The Express Sender application utilizes the API feature of WhatsApp to send bulk messages without violating its terms and conditions.


  • Provides a Google sheet template to import required contacts for sending bulk messages
  • Allows you to create custom messages according to your business requirement
  • This app is compatible with Android gadgets
  • You can send bulk WhatsApp messages at a single click
  • It is a paid tool and there is no free version

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